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Green and Blue Villas Ibiza is  an Ibizan company, directed and managed by Ibiza residents who have roots in the island with proven track-record in the sector, specialising in country house rentals. Many of our clients wish to enjoy the traditional Ibiza, in the middle of nature and immerse themselves in their surroundings while respecting nature.

We are a trusted company. We have accrued countless highly positive reviews from satisfied customers and from villa owners who have helped craft our beautiful estate rentals. The whole concept and our efforts at Green and Blue Villas is based on the trust between our clients and us and the tranquility and free time we offer so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday.


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Welcome to Green and Blue Ibiza

We are an Ibizan company specializing in villa rental management, dedicated to offering a natural and complete experience of Ibiza. Our approach seeks the perfect balance between nature, gastronomy, local culture, and the island's vibrant nightlife. Ibiza is internationally known for its parties; as Ibizans, we are proud of this recognition. However, our goal is to contribute to our clients having an experience beyond the parties.

Our name, Green and Blue Ibiza, reflects the iconic colors of Ibiza: the green of its lush pines and forests, and the blue of the sea and sky. Here, the forest extends to the sea, creating a unique landscape where green and blue merge. This union symbolizes our mission to connect our clients with the essence of Ibiza, respecting and enjoying its natural and cultural environment.

We aspire to be your reference in villa rental management and in creating authentic and balanced experiences in Ibiza. We want our clients to connect with nature, delight in local cuisine, immerse themselves in Ibizan culture, and of course, enjoy the nightlife. We are committed to caring for the environment and preserving the island's natural beauty, always offering services of the highest quality.

If you wish to immerse yourself in the true spirit of Ibiza, then you are already part of Green and Blue Ibiza. We invite you to experience Ibiza from a more natural and balanced perspective and to enjoy our villas, where green and blue unite in a beautiful experience.

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Our guests are always welcomed on location in person by the Green and Blue Ibiza team. We will give you extensive tourist information when checking in and throughout your stay. You can rely on us for a quick response by WhatsApp or phone. We are always happy to help so that you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

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